Thermo-Safe - BTS 10

Cross-Section View

Cross Section of

  1. High Performance Spring
    The perfect design and material ensure the repeatability of the Set Point
  2. Guiding Area
    The material selection of guiding components with Self aligning disc ensure no galling of guiding surface
  3. Trims
    This valves have been design with metal trims give correct performance at higher pressure and temperature. Trims are also provided with soft sealing for bubble tight shut off.
  4. Accessories
    Optional accessories are available to suit the system requirement comply with International codes
Safety & Thermal Relief Valves
Thermo-Safe BTS 10, Safety & Thermal Relief Valves are designed and manufactured in compliance with ASME B & PVC, Section VIII for Small Capacity applications. They Safely Relief thermal expansion of process fluids in Vessels and long lengths of pipe work. Seat tightness, blow down and capacity for all types of media, meets the needs of an industry.

Size Range: 15mm X 25mm to 50mm X 50mm
Pressure Rating: up to class 1500

Design Features


It is widely used for gas and liquid applications for over pressure protection in chemical, petrochemical, refinery, Bulk drug & Pharmaceuticals, power generation etc..

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