Cross-Section View

Cross Section of Safety Relief Valves

Standard Specifications

  • Direct acting, spring loaded, full lift safety relief valve with angle discharge
  • ANSI, #150 Inlet & Outlet RF Flanges
  • PTFE Balance Bellows design
  • Compatiable with API 526 Center to Face line dimensions

Applicable Standards

  • ISO 9001 : 2000
    Quality standard
  • API 520: Part I
    Sizing and Selection
  • API 526
    Design & Dimension
  • API 527
    Testing Standard
  • ASME Code Section VIII
    Safety relief valve comply to ASME section VIII
  • ANSI B16.5 / BS / DIN
    Flange Rating


  • Safeguarding of pressure vessels and plant systems against overpressure. Set pressure up to 15 Kg & max. temperature 180°C
  • Corrosive media, where metallic materials can not reach an adequate service life or where special metals cause high costs
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FEP Lined Safety Relief Valves, PFA Lined Safety Relief Valves, FEP Lined Pressure Relief Valves, PFA Pressure Safety Relief Valves
Safe-Line BTSC 50 BL: Brightech™, Fully FEP/PFA Lined Safety/Pressure Relief Valves are manufactured with high accuracy to assure the performance of the valve, over protection for unfired pressure vessels/equipments and plant system from dangerously high pressure used with highly corrosive liquid, gases & vapors.

Size Range: 15mm X 25mm to 150mm X 200mm
Pressure Rating: Class 150

Features & Benefits


Lining Specification

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