Pressure Reducing Valve & Station

Salient Features

  • Self Actuating, Internally Pilot & Piston operated Design (BTPR-100T & BTPR-100F) for Low & Medium Pressure Steam & Air Application
  • Registered under Indian Boiler Regulation (IBR)
  • Stellited Trims for High Pressure & Temperature
  • Complete Pressure Reducing Station/System (PRDS) consisting of Isolation Valve, Strainer, Separator, Traps with By-Pass Line & Safety Relief Valve
  • Max-Flow (BTLP-66 & 66-P)
    A Self-Actuating / Pilot Operated Type, Cage Guided, Double Seated, Low Down-Stream Pressure Control Valve (LPRV) suitable for many types of fluid control
  • Soft Seating for Gas Application / Tight Shut-off.
  • Max-Flow Gas regulator are widely used in the natural gas distribution system (Gas metering Skid) and in the Nitrogen blanketing system for precise control with very low down-stream pressure (25 mmwc)
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Pressure Reducing Valve - BTPR 100

Self-actuating, Internally pilot & piston operated Globe...

Max-Flow Gas Regulator - BTLP 66

Self-actuating/Pilot operated Type, Spring and...

Pressure Reducing Station

Complete Pressure Reducing & De-Superheating System...

Gas Skid

Complete Pressure Reducing & De-Superheating System...

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