Pressure Reducing Valve

Cross-Section View

Cross Section of Pressure Regulating Valve.

  1. Removable cap to allow easy adjustment
  2. Enclosed spring chamber eliminates diaphragm or spring fouling due to atmospheric condition
  3. Pilot valve and seat removable with PRV in line
  4. Carbon ring to minimize piston seizing
  5. Main valve and seat removable with PRV in line
  6. Inlet filter screen minimizes fouling of pilot valve due to dirt
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Pressure Reducing Valve,Pressure Control Valve.
Pressure Reducing Valve - BTPR 100: Brightech™ Self-actuating, Internally pilot & piston operated, Globe type, Full lift, Spring & diaphragm actuated, Pressure reducing/regulating valve, also known as Down-Stream Pressure Control Valve.

Size Range (BTPR 100 F): 15mm to 150mm
Pressure Rating (BTPR 100 F): Class 150 & 300

Size Range (BTPR 100 T): 15mm to 25mm
Pressure Rating (BTPR 100 T): Class 150 & 300

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