Pneumatic Control Valve

Design Standards

  • Flange Dimension, ANSI B 16.5
  • Pressure & Tempreture Rating, ANSI B16.34
  • Seat Leakage, ANSI B16.104
  • Body Rating-ANSI 150#, 300#, 600#
  • Sizing Selection: ISA-S75.01
  • End Connection-Flanged Ends to R.F. & R.J.
  • Butt-Weld End to ANSI B 16.25


Brightech™ control valves are used to handle Water, Air, Steam, Gas, Oil and other fluids in processes having wide flow range requirements.

Other Types

  • Eccentric-Plug control valve
  • Ball control valve
  • Butterfly control valve
  • Diaphragm control valve (Weir Type)
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Globe Type Pneumatic Control Valve

Accu-Flow Series 77

a Globe Type, Single Seated, Top Guided, Single Spring & Diaphragm Actuated...
Globe type, Single spring & Diaphragm Actuated, Pneumatically Operated, Throttling or On/Off Type Control Valve

Accu-Flow Series 87

a Globe type, Double seated, Top & Bottom Guided, Single Spring and Diaphragm...
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