Accu-Flow Series 77

Cross-Section View

Optional Accessories

  • Extended Bonnet
    For service temperatures from 320 F to 32 F and from 450 F to 1000 F
  • Bellows Seal
    Provides positive seal at plug stem. For service to 750 F
  • Handwheels
    For manual positioning of inner valve. Can also be used as a travel stop at any position between fully-open and fully-closed. Available in side and top mounted models
  • Positioners
    Available in pneumatic and electro-pneumatic without positioning
  • Transducers
    For converting electric signal to pneumatic without positioning
  • Limit Switches
    For remote indication
  • Solenoid Valves
    For providing on/off service of control valve


These valves are design to handle a wide variety of process application like air, water, steam, gas, oil and other fluids having wide flow range requirements.
Globe Type Pneumatic Control Valve, Single Seated Pneumatic Control Valve, Top Guided Pneumatic Control Valve

Accu-Flow Series 77, a Globe Type, Single Seated, Top Guided, Single Spring & Diaphragm Actuated, Throttling/On-Off type Pneumatic Control Valve.

Size Range: 15mm to 500mm
Pressure Rating: up to Class 600

Standard Features

Construction Features

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