Ptfe-Pfa-Lined Valves

Design Features

  • Superior quality with excellent performance.
  • Most economical & cheaper alternative of Glass Lining & special alloy steel.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance to the chemicals.
  • Long service life cycle / maintenance free / easily installable, ensuring cost reduction, both in production and maintenance.

Where to use?

  • In the areas where highly corrosive material are used in the chemical process industries.
  • To handle most corrosive & hazardous chemicals process and plants by providing most reliable & high safety factor.
  • For the critical applications mainly in the industries like food, pharma and fine chemicals.
  • To control environmental pollution.
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The new Ptfe-Pfa-Lined Valves are the latest in Brightech’s palette of products. The company's R & D department processes the most advanced and virgin fluoropolymer resins such as FEP, PFA, ETFE, PTFE, ECTFE (that stand for excellent corrosion resistance).

Brightech’s metallic and polymer-lined anti corrosive products perform & excel in the fields of Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemical & Hydrocarbon processing, Pollution Control Plants, Pulp and Paper, and Water Treatment.

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