Actrol  - The Basic Valve

Cross-Section View

Cross Section of Automatic Control Valve

Design Features & Benefits

  • Operates automatically of the line pressure
  • Heavy duty nylon-reinforced Buna-N/EPDM rubber diaphragm Isolate upper chamber operating pressure from bottom chamber line pressure
  • Rectangular shaped resiliant seat seal provides drip tight class VI closure
  • Diaphragm assembly is top & bottom guided ensure precise alignment
  • Throttling seat retainer flow and pressure stability
  • The main valve and pilot can be serviced without removal from line
  • Diaphragm is replaceable without removing internal stem assembly
  • Replaceable seat ring
  • Ductile Iron and steel valves are epoxy coated for max. corrosion protection
  • Every valve is factory tested including pressure test and a full functional, operational test when pilots and accessories are fitted to suit a perticular application


  • Body and Cover
    Ductile Iron ASTMA 395/ASTM A 216 Gr.WCB/CF8/CF8M
  • Seat
    Stainless Steel 304/316/gun metal
  • Stem
    AISI 304/316
  • Spring
    SS 304/316
  • Elastomer Diphragm
    Nylon reinforced Buna-N/Viton
  • Seal
  • Hydraulic Control Pilots
    ASTM A 351 CF8/8M with SS internals and elastomer seat & seal
  • Tubing & Fittings
    SS 304/316 with SS fittings / Copper with brass fittings
  • Electrical
    24 VDC /110 V AC / 230 V AC explosion proof
  • Flo-Clean Strainer/Speed Control Device/Isolation Valve
    SS 304/316 / Brass
  • Working Pressure
    400 psi for threaded end valves/150 psi for flanged end valves
  • Operating Temperature
    Buna-N-160 F/EPDM-300 F/Viton - 250 F
Automatic Control Valves
The Automatic Control Valve, the word is self explanatory. It is a highly engineered Automatic Control Valve knowledgeably designed to operate off line pressure or if desired, from an independent power source. Actrol  valves are hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated for multi-function control of non corrosive, non abrasive fluids.

Size Range: 25mm to 400mm
Pressure Rating: Class 150 & 300

Main Valve Design

The main valve is Self Actuating Type, Pilot Operated, Globe/Angle Pattern, Top & Bottom Guided, Glandless, Hydraulically Operated, Diaphragm Actuated for multifunction control of less viscous, non corrosive, non abbrasive fluids.

Our wide range of control pilots makes it possible to offer combination models for variety of functions. The main valve contain only one moving part. This simplicity of design promotes dependibility, making the maintenance easier and extend the life of the valve.

The lower portion of main valve diaphragm assembly is a mechanical check feature, which acts independently of diaphragm position or pilot control system, and provide immediate check action when flow ceases.

Main Valve Construction

The main valve consist only three major components; Body, Cover and the Top & Bottom Guided Diaphragm Assembly which is the only moving parts in the main valve making the online maintanence very easy.

With simplicity of design & packless construction, minimal part wear is there which assure trouble free operation & long life of dependable.

Actrol  is available in various materials and in full range of sizes with either threaded or flanged ends.

Main Valve Operating Principle

The main valve is normally closed, when pressure is applied to the valve inlet the same pressure is applied to the bonnet also (upper chamber) the valve remains close. By controlling the pressure in the bonnet the valve can be made fully open or closed.


Valves are sized to provide an appropriate pressure drop for each application. The minimum pressure drop should be 5 psi for inlet to atmosphere and 10 psi from inlet to outlet.

Actrol  valves are design for use with clean liquid (water, ATF) application for other media is possible, consult factory.

Actrol  is a single chamber full port engineered basic valve used in nearly all Brightech's model bearing its description. when the main valve is provided with different combination of pilot & accesories the valve perform a wide range of Automatic Fluid Control making it a specified valve for the Municipal Water Works, Water Distribution System, Fire Protection, Irrigation, Industrial Petroleum & Aviation Fueling System, Marine Theme Park, Decorative Fountain etc. for the system application like Remore Control, Pressure Regulation, Solenoid Operation, Rate of Flow Control, Liquid Level Control, Check Function and many more.


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